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Developed without compromise using YZR-M1 MotoGP technology, the R1 was born for the track. 200PS, 199kg and 1,405mm wheelbase give an insight into its capabilities. But it's what you can't see that makes this focused superbike so special.

Its central nervous system is a 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit that constantly senses chassis motion in 3D, creating controllability over traction, slides, front wheel lift, braking and launches.

Producing 200PS, the R1's new 998cc inline 4-cylinder, 4-valve engine is one of the most powerful in a bike. And with its M1-derived crossplane technology, this next generation superbike pushes out strong linear torque with outstanding traction.

The short wheelbase Deltabox chassis features a magnesium rear frame and long swingarm for outstanding handling on the track. Race developed suspension and magnesium wheels show that this bike is a serious contender to be the numero uno.

But what really takes the cake is the R1's high tech electronic control technology. By offering precise control, every rider has the chance to reveal their true potential.


Engine type - Liquid Cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 5-valve
Displacement - 998cc
Bore & Stroke - 77.0 x 53.6 mm
Compression ratio - 11.5 : 1
Maximum output - 150 PS/11,000 rpm
Maximum torque - 106 N.m/ 8,000 rpm
Starting system - Electric
Lubrication - Wet sump
Cylinder layout - In-line, 4-cylinder
Clutch type - Wet, multiple-disc
Ignition type - T.C.I.
Fuel supply - Fuel Injection
Primary/Secondary reduction ratios - 65/43 (1.512) / 45/17 (2.647)
Tranmission type - Constant mesh, 6-speed
Caster/Trail - 25 °/109 mm
Gear ratios - 1st = 2.533, 2nd = 2.063, 3rd = 1.762, 4th = 1.522, 5th = 1.350, 6th = 1.208


Overall length x width x height - 2,140 mm x 770 mm x 1,060 mm
Kerb Weight - 214kg
Seat Height - 815 mm
Wheelbase - 1,460 mm
Minimum ground clearance - 135 mm
Engine oil volume - 3.8 liters
Fuel tank volume - 18 litres


Frame type - Diamond
Suspension (Front/Rear) - Telescopic fork / Swingarm
Brake Type (Front/Rear) - Dual Hydraulic disc brake Ø 320 mm / Single hydraulic disc brake Ø 245 mm
Tyre size (Front/Rear) - 120/70 ZR17M/C (58W) /190/50 ZR17M/C (73W)
Wheel Travel (Front/Rear) - 130 mm / 130 mm


The power unit is newly developed with the current YZF-R1 engine as its base to realize an “emotional” performance and ease of use. It is a liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC in-line four-cylinder, 5-valve engine with fuel injection. Main specs, which include the short-stroke bore x stroke (= 77 x 53.6mm), compact combustion chamber and high-lift cams have been kept the same as the YZF-R1. Also, the crankcase, piston, cylinder and head cylinder are exactly the same as those on the YZF-R1.

On the other hand, the compression ratio has been changed from the 12.3 : 1 of YZF-R1 to 11.5 : 1. The maximum power output and rpm has been changed from 172PS/12,500rpm for the YZF-R1 to 150PS/11,000rpm for the FZ1 to achieve both good power and smooth handling on secondary roads and in the practical-use speed range. The compression ratio change has been achieved by adjusting the gasket thickness.

Fuel Injection

In order to achieve both good drivability and environment-friendly performance, the BSR37 carburetor of the current FZS1000 is replaced with a fuel injection system with the same intake structure as the YZF-R1's.

In addition to main throttle valve actuation, sub throttle valve actuation is performed by motor drive after reflecting information about rpm and degree of throttle opening via the ECU. This control system optimizes the intake air speed and realizes best volumetric efficiency in all rpm ranges and helps achieve excellent drivability in the low and mid-speed ranges.

Apart from that its injector also features a long plate-type nozzle and is a four-hole two-way injection type with high dynamic range. Also, lightweight and return-less piping has been adopted for the fuel injection system, paving the way for a more compact design.

F S Con Rod

Highly reliable specifications of YZF-R1 engine maintained, including cylinder and con-rod

As described above, the outstanding performance parts of the YZF-R1 engine, such as the cylinders and con-rods have been kept the same. The outstanding features of the YZF-R1 that been adopted as they are include:

  • Forged piston that enables lighter-weight design.
  • Closed-deck cylinder to maintain high rigidity.
  • Liner-less directly coated cylinder for excellent heat dissipation and optimum rigidity balance.
  • FS con-rod (Fracture Splitting Connecting Rod) on which the big end is fracture-split by a wedge and then reconnected with bolts to retain high accuracy of shape & dimensions.

These are some of the features that give the FZ1 an outstanding running performance.

Riding Position

A new 18-liter large fuel tank has been adopted which enables the rider to sit 49mm forward as compared to the existing model. This in turn enabled a longer seat design that helps the rider sit farther forward on the seat to experience athletic handling. While riding, this makes the rider feels closer to the front tyre. Also, thanks to the synergy effect with the slim frame, excellent knee grip has been realized. In combination with the effects of the optimized engine mounting position and other factors, this contributes to light, athletic handling that is easier to use and a joy for any rider.

Body Design

The body has been designed to achieve the ‘Monolite’ feel, which involves an image of the concentration of parts with their various functions and possibilities. The way the frame structure grasps the engine, emphasizes compactness. The short muffler and the emphasized sense of single-unit integration of the dual headlights, meters & other elements help create an image of overall compactness and feeling of power centered around the engine.

Other distinctive design features include the fuel tank with its top cover, which dramatizes the concentration of power and the unique design of the tail assembly.

Short-type Silencer

To achieve superb exhaust efficiency and an impressive, condensed silhouette, chamber-less exhaust pipe & short-type silencer have been adopted. The exhaust system with its optimum pipe lengths and sizes helps bring out the characteristics of the new engine efficiently while also providing a unique exterior appearance.

At the same time, a 3-way catalyzer with O2 sensor (lambda sensor), which feeds back the information to the fuel supply system about the concentration of oxygen remaining in the exhaust gas to help achieve more effective catalytic functionality, has been adopted in its muffler. This combines with the effect of the fuel injection system to achieve environment-friendly performance, which meets EU3 requirements. The inside of the muffler is designed with hexagonal shape to achieve better space efficiency.

Five Spoke Wheel

For the front and rear wheels, the same spec wheels as the YZF-R1 have been adopted. They are lightweight five-spoke types for optimum rigidity between the hubs & the rims. By adopting Yamaha's unique design technologies for varying the thickness of the metal in various parts of the wheel, these wheels satisfy the basic requirements of light weight and high strength while also achieving a sporty and strong look. Tyres attached to these wheels are 120/70ZR17 for the front and 190/50ZR17 for the rear.

Front Brake Calliper

The brake system has been set to accommodate the machine’s boosted performance and to meet with the targets for superb braking power & controllability. The front brake has Ø 320mm disk, equivalent to that of the YZF-R1 and it also adopts a MOS x 64 caliper which is characterized by reduced caliper deformation when braking force is applied. That means more stable braking force and controllability during hard braking.

The size of the rear brake is Ø 245mm. By combining it with single-pot pin-slide type caliper, superb braking performance and controllability have been realized.

White | Price: 11,42,999*

Black | Price: 11,42,999*

*Above motorcycle price is Ex-Showroom (Delhi). Price may vary as per applicable state taxes/octroi etc. Please collect exact price details from your nearest Yamaha authorized dealers.